Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To the beach

How long must I dream

To Helen

Above the strip of beach a full moon
Skewers the Northern sky,

Just beyond the city's phosphorescent

Fingers of light.

From the cabin behind the dunes
Roy Orbison's soul is making
The silver darkness shiver & gleam.

His sweet grieving song mingles
In the grumbling tide.

On the edge of the water

Where the sand is firm an old man

In a suit with no shoes dances
A foxtrot alone.
As the tide draws & drags his feet
He places his hands where his partner's
Hips would be & hold her steady & firm
For one long gentle kiss

- Rae Desmond Jones

from 'Blow Out' Island 2009

All images above are via Aquabumps, which is an amazing website, the photographer is an astonishingly talented man Eugene Tan. We will be putting it on our list to visit the actual gallery in Bondi Beach while we are there. Truly incredible.


  1. thanks for your sweet message! i am now a follower of your sweet blog (with the best title by the way!) xoxoox to you!

  2. Awww thanks Kate! You're a sweetheart. I love your blog too, little cabbage! xx


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