Saturday, April 3, 2010

Three weeks to go...


In a little under three weeks we are going on our vacation to Sydney for two weeks! This will be our first overseas trip together, and the first time either of us have been to Australia.
This is also going to be our proper honeymoon, as when we first got married almost a year ago we were financially exhausted to say the least. We ended up being able to stay in a friend of a friends parents beach house (it was more like a mansion, we were so lucky) for a week, watched movies, slept in and drunk the majority of the left over wine from our wedding reception.

So Sydney is going to be our real honeymoon. Also, we are going over to try and get a feel for the city and see if it's somewhere we would like to live.

Things in New Zealand aren't great right now (in my opinion), and there are a lot of things going on that I really don't like, and don't want to stay around to witness, thanks to an unjust and corrupt Government ( if you're actually interested in what I'm referring to click here, here, here, here, here).

I could go on and on. Supporting Japanese whaling? Mining conservation land? Increasing GST, irrational and discriminatory welfare reform, and what I suspect is negotiations between NZ and the US to allow nuclear ships into our waters.

It makes me embarrassed to be a New Zealander that the stand we have taken against things that we, as a country, believe are unethical are being so flippantly pissed all over by a Government too drugged up on money than anything else. Shame on you John Key, you spineless puppet.

Many people in our age group are thinking the same thing, and heading overseas. The message is clear.

So, our trip to Sydney will be a mix of business and as much pleasure as we can afford (read: nothing extravagant but just as enjoyable).
Our list of wishes include:

- a trip to theBlue Mountains
- go here and meet a Dugong
- go here and cuddle a koala
- get me a pair of these, extra long please.
- go to Paddy's Market
- go to The Rocks
- go to Darling Harbour
- go to every beach we can (they deserve a post all to themselves).

And.... thanks to the wonderful internet we got a great deal to stay for a night at The Observatory Hotel, which is meant to be fantastic. Look at the pool:


Can't wait.


  1. wow! well, congrats on a proper honeymoon- although the unofficial honeymoon sounds like it was a blast too!

    the observatory hotel looks like a dream! i can't even believe it. i wish i could be there right now. take plenty of pictures!

  2. How exciting!

    Stopping in to welcome you to SITS!


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