Monday, April 5, 2010

Movies of the Week

Adam and I watch ALOT of movies each week.  Probably every night we watch something different and on the weekends, several.  We have become much more reclusive in the past few months, content in being with each other, wrapped up in blankets.

I haven't turned my cellphone on in over two weeks, or been to any of the social events we've been invited to.  I'm not sure why this has happened, usually we are much more involved with the world.  When we first started seeing each other Adam would always be dragging me along to some party or another and wanting to go out.  He is an extrovert, I am not. 

Over the past however long we have been together we have both noticed that we are becoming more like each other in different ways.  Adam, always the idealist, has become more of a realist I think.  And me, always the pessimist cynic, well I'm starting (very very slowly) to become a little more optimistic.  Less tough and independant, more feminine and emotional.  He says it's a good thing, I'm not so sure.

Anyway, the point is that Adam has been infected by my love of being a homebody, and now we both love to stay at home behind closed doors, in a warm room and a warm bed and watch movies.

So these are the movies we watched over the past week:

I really love this film.  It had a great plot and amazing style.  Kim Basinger looked amazing.  I got my hot rollers out to recreate the look - haven't mastered it yet.

I've seen this one several times and loved it. We were in a Jack Nicholson mood this week.

This is probably the funniest Woody Allen film I've seen yet.  We are working our way through all his films, and after this weekend we will be at #20 out of 36!

I put off watching this for a long time because I heard mixed reviews, but I really loved this film.  I fell in love with Julia Child, she was so vivacious and funny. I loved the line when she took the canneloni out of the pot! This film made me want to eat hollandaise sauce and mayonnaise, and chicken, but we're both vegetarians.  I am going to try her mashed potatoes though.  I am going to read 'My Life in France' - Julia and her husband just love each other to bits and it was really inspiring.

I've seen this before. I love Faye Dunaway, and her cheekbones and style.  She is a true beauty, just like Meryll.  I love the style of this film.  Jack is dashing aswell.

This is probably my least favourite of all the Woody Allen films so far.  It was pretty close to the bone I think, as it was released when all the shit went down with their marriage breaking up and then the whole scandal (you know the story), and some of the monologues seemed pretty autobiographical.  I thought this film was really depressing. 

I really loved this film.  It was a little graphic a times and there were certainly some scenes I found disturbing but it didn't take away from the overall entertainment of the film. 

8.  Reds

Wow this film was an epic.  We just watched it last night and it was long and involved.  But really great.  I wished I knew more about the political climate at the time so I could have a bit more context to the story but I did some research afterwards.  Adam and I both agreed that if we had been around during this time we would have been part of this movement too.  A great love story.

We actually watched this the week before last, but it was so interesting I wanted to include it.  I actually came across this documentary via another blog which had posted an editorial on the fashion of Little Edie, and after looking around the internet found fansites for Little Edie where she was described as a powerful force for independance and autonomy and a fashion icon in her own right.  After watching the film, it's pretty clear that Little Edie was completely, batshit crazy.  People dress weird when they're mentally unwell - it's called being grandiose and disinhibited (which she cleary was).  I found it really disturbing that people were claiming that she was some kind of trailblazer for strong independant women - that's completely false.  She was paranoid, delusional and suffering.  She wasn't independant, she was living in squalor with her senile mother and living off food stamps.  I strongly doubt that she could care for herself.  It's really sad. But the film itself is interesting,  certainly exploitative I think - and when you find out that the pair actually got pretty screwed over by the filmmakers, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.  But there are moments of beauty aswell, which makes it really worth watching.

So those are the movies of the week people!  I'd be interested to know if you've seen any of them and what your thoughts were.

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