Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Well the weekend is almost over for me, but happy weekend to those of you in other parts of the world with a few more hours left.

This weekend was really fun.  On Friday I met Adam and a friend in town after work.  We had dinner at a great cheap and cheerful Malaysian place.  After that we went to a fancy beer bar in town where they have a ridiculous amount of imported beers.  Adam was incredibly excited.

Then on Saturday we slept in and then headed to a friends wedding in the city.  I really love weddings, and this one was beautiful, held in an old museum hall.  The reception was lots of fun, great food and wine and lots of people I hadn't seen for a while.  We have both been really reclusive for the past few months, and I'm been avoiding social situations like the plague, but this went better than I expected and I had a great time.  I also had a few glasses of wine, which probably made things seem less awkward than they would have been otherwise.

Today I've spent the whole day in my jarmies. We watched a documentary about identical twins.  I did some internetting.  I'm not ready to go to work tomorrow, but on the plus side I only have two days of work this week and the we are off to Sydney for two weeks!  Hooray!  I can't wait.

I have lots of jobs to do before we leave for Auckland on Wednesday and I probably won't have time for blogging or commenting until I get back.  We are not taking the laptop overseas in case it gets stolen so will be relying on hotel computer access. This has all become so much a part of my life over the past few months (particularly reading and commenting) that it's going to be strange not going through my daily routine.    But also I think it might be good to have a break from the internet for a while.  I think that it might have something to do with my increasing social anxiety and withdrawal from the world.  I feel no need to even turn my cell phone on anymore, because I just don't care.  I am getting all my need for social contact from Adam,  my work colleagues, and bloggers.  There is something not good about that, to feel like I don't need (or want) to participate in the real world anymore.

One more thing on a brighter note:  this week we watched Young Frankenstein, which you haven't seen you definitely should.  Since then I may have watched this scene about 50 times.  It's so funny it makes me cry with laughter:

Have a fantastic week everyone! 

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