Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Isn't Francoise Hardy just stunning?  I love the simplicity of her style.  Can you tell I'm loving bangs right now? 


  1. I have a friend that looks just like her, and i am always so jealous of her! Her style is amazing, such a beautiful girl! Hey i have question...how did you get your cute layout and button? I want to change my blog layout but don't know how!! Could you help at all?

  2. Hi Gabs! I had my layout designed by a girl named Lindsay - if you look on my page there should be a button that says "a seafair design" and it will take you to her site. Her blog address is www.sassandcraft.blogspot.com.

    I'll email you about it too :)

  3. oh, i adore francoise. every time i cut my bangs i think magically they will be as perfect as hers, but nope. i have this bazaaro cowlick that just doesn't seem to want to agree with me. oh well.

    by the way, i love your layout too!


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