Sunday, February 21, 2010

Things I'm loving right now

One of the things I love the most about blogland is that I get exposed to so many things I wouldn't otherwise see.
One artists who has really made my day:

Racheal Anilyse

via racheal anailyse

I just love these, they make me feel magical. Check out Racheals blog here. I really love the idea of illustrating a sketch book from cover to cover. I sometimes find I get visually fatigued by my reader being inundated with really amazing images, but these really grabbed me. I also really like the idea of documenting dreams in a memorable way. I've often tried to keep a dream journal but I forget most of the crucial details a few seconds after waking.

I'm always the main character in my dreams. I'm the star of the movie. I know other people who are in their dreams as spectators and are never directly involved. Most of my dreams seem to have some basis in reality before becoming outlandish and surreal. There is usually something I have to accomplish, some item I need to get or someone I am looking for, and I usually don't reach that point before I wake up. Also I seem to have several dreams each night that I manage to merge together in a way that seems to make sense at the time.

How do you dream?


  1. these are totally wonderful. specially the spirit animal ;) my kids have spirit animal middle names!

  2. Thanks guys - Maggie that is such a wonderful idea! I'm off to find out what mine is...

  3. Hmm, according to I'm a swan. Not quite what I imagined!

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  5. I always have scary dreams where i am watching something take place and then it switches to me becoming the person that i was watching. Just as i am about to face danger i always wake up but it is still very disturbing! Dreams are so strange, i can never work out to read them as a sign or if it is just your brain having a crack head moment.


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