Sunday, February 7, 2010

Learning to Love You More (again)


Good grief it is SO quiet at work today I think my brain is stagnating. Typically my workplace is incredibly busy and very stressful but for the past 6 weeks or so there has been an eerie lull in activity. There are tumbleweeds blowing down the corridors.
In the beginning it was really refreshing but now it's got to the point where I feel really frustrated. I know that I should be enjoying the quiet times, but I just can't help but feel like there are so many other things I could be doing right now to make better use of my time.

I've spent LOTS of time on the internet today. Hours. Sometimes I get myself lost and disoriented when I spend alot of time looking at blogs because I can't remember where I started. I need to get outside today.

Anyway, a few posts ago I talked about doing a Miranda July project where you ask your family to describe 'what you do'. Well, I got the answers back. I should have told them it wasn't a competition to make me feel good about myself.
Also, I think maybe I should have directed them in some way because they ended up describing what I did for a job rather than how I spent my time. But still, interesting. Here is what I got back.

From my Grandmother/adoptive Mother:

"Naomi works in a very demanding job and amazes me at her commitment to her patients in an area only suitable for those with strength, love and understanding. Naomi is a very giving person and would give you the shirt of her back ifneeded. She has strong opinions and can talk with a great understanding of what she is saying. Naomi has strong political views which she sometimes needs to tone down a little and see things from both sides. I admire herknowledge and her way with words. Naomi gives 100% commitment to her husband and friends. I love her very much and am proud to be her Mum/Grandma."

From my brother:

"Naomi works in a area of society that most would struggle with and likely want to forget exists. She steps in where others are unwilling or unable to help. Amongst the frustration of the job are the rare moments where comfort can be provided or a care plan followed. Her strong views and forceful personality are used to good effect. She operates in the grey areas that those of us that are overly analytical are paralysed by and gives of her own self to provide support and direction for individuals in a place that puts them at odds with themselves and the rest of society. “

From my nephew (8 years) who proudly accepted the assignment saying "It's not surprising you asked me because I'm so good at writing", and then produced this:

"She’s a social worker at a health centre. She gives medicine for coughs, colds and flu’s. " (not true)

Gee, talk about prolific.

This week I'm going to post further on Food.Inc and how it affected me (and more surprisingly my husband).

Also I've been trying to crochet a granny square for a while now but had to give up because I couldn't do it, and I actually CRIED over it. I was so upset I typed " I can't fucking crochet!!!" into Google but apparently no one feels the same. Well this week I'm going to do it, even if it makes me want to drive the crochet hook into my eye. I shall not be beaten by wool crafts dammit!!!


In other news, I'm embarrasingly giddy about Valentines Day (!). I've always hated Valentines Day and been the bitter spinster quoting divorce statistics but this year I'm actually excited. I'm not sure if the marketing campaigns have become more effective or if I'm becoming more romantic.

What do you think about Valentines Day, and also, what gifts do you get a man without making their balls shrivel?


  1. I love the idea of surveying friends and family. So cute!

    As for V day. We do very little, but we're very lovey dovey everyday. xx

  2. Ha I know, it's so funny what people come up with - if you look at the original assignment on the website there are some really priceless ones, especially from people's siblings like "I have no idea what Jane does. She probably annoys everyone else as much as she annoys me and uses all the toothpaste".
    We are the same for V day. We are quite romantic as a pair and every day feels special, so trying to top that is a stretch, but I think I'm going to make something handmade and heartfelt.


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