Saturday, February 20, 2010

In the Neighbourhood

On Friday I finished work early and took a walk around my neighbourhood with my crappy camera:

The place I live is by a beach across the sea from Wellington. There is a ferry that goes from one pier to the other, and business people commute each day. It's the first European settlement in the Wellington region, being settled in January 1840. The first settlers arrived on the ship Aurora., but the settlement was abandoned and everyone moved over to Wellington on account of the settlement resting on a swamp, which is understandable.
New Zealand is a young country. Most of the original architecture remains, which isn't a great feat considering it's only 100 years old. I like the place that I live. It's quaint and feels like a little village. It's multicultural and creative. But my mind is still on Sydney.

Do you live where you do deliberately, or is it just something that happened because of convenience? And if you could, where else on earth would you most like to live?

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