Monday, January 11, 2010

What's in my bag?

Ok so on my recent exploits around the interwebs I've noticed a lot of people posting on what is in their handbag.

There are flickr groups here and blogs dedicated to the subject here, here and here.

Personally I find posts like these interesting, mainly because I'm a nosy parker. What I have noticed however is that not only are most of the bags featured INCREDIBLY tidy, some of the items seem like they have things people have put in there just to look cool. Like when you hide all your embarrassing Aqua CDS and put your cool ones out when friends come over.

As for me, my handbag is like some kind of sinkhole. The only thing I can find in it without struggle is exactly what I'm not looking for. And it's anything but tidy. Not that I look into it. I prefer to stick my hand in like I'm drawing a raffle and see what I get. It's like a lucky dip.

The most interesting thing is how these endless pictures of TIDY bags makes me feel. I long to be organised, to get a thrill from sniffing new stationery and colour coding things, but it's just not going to happen. I'm a very messy person and I don't think I can change.

Surely I'm not the only person in the world who has a handbag of horror?

So for the purpose of making all you messy people feel better about yourselves (and to make the organised feel disgustingly smug) I am posting pictures of my bag below. Don't judge!

Here are the contents in no particular order:

- one black studded wallet
- one orange purse (unused)
- a swipe card for work with a lolly stuck onto it
- an empty miniature perfume bottle
- a note from a friend (no idea who) that says "love yo ways"
- 3 empty packets of panadol
- 6 migraine tablets
- one old amethyst ring
- some Hong Kong coins
- two pens
- one kajal eye stick
- phone charger
- phone
- two empty packets of tampons
- a white plastic bangle
- an old crushed cigarette
- an old cigarette case (empty)
- a make up bag
- deodorant
- pottle of shea butter cream
- weight watcher points calculator (unused)
- a vintage glasses case (empty)
- half a paper party hat
- a vodafone receipt
- two supermarket receipts
And a whole bunch of crap I found from my trip to Nepal A YEAR AGO
- a train ticket for the Hong Kong airport express
- a combination lock
- 100 nepalese rupees
- 2 receipts from the Kathmandu guest house
- volunteer service id
- kathmandu city visitors pass
- some nepalese business cards
- a note to someone telling them I had gastroenteritis (!)
- some brown substance, most likely tobacco, but who knows
- a cryptic note, which I have no idea where it came from that reads:

...He goes again to the mountains. Now - heavy snow. he find the goddess but she can't solve the situation completely. She says she can give back the life to his brother, but different life. They will be turned into the mountains, next to each other but never able to play again. They will only see each other. But heart beat will be heard. People will hear the heartbeat and they will call the mountains the blood brothers. One day the Yogi comes (or the druid) to the mountains and tells them they will be born again to be able to be friends. They will be born as a children into the land of the highest mountains. He releases them. Yogi again.they are amazed and frozen. yogi goes into meditation orleaves. They see the item the druid kept back then. Now it belongs to Yogi. They understand, the Yogi was the same spirit as the druid. Or they don't but reader does. They keep playing. Last scene. They stare at the mountains.

Seriously WTF is that. Is it a rejected Hanna-Barbera script? A message of importance? And what is it doing in my bag?


  1. I did a post like this a couple of years ago, not that I carry a hand bag. It's a man bag AND THERE IS SO A DIFFERENCE! Mine doesn't have any freaky cryptic notes in it though. And hey, you never know when a 100 Nepalese rupees might come in handy.

  2. I don't carry a purse at all. I have a wallet with my cards and any cash I happen to have (sadly small amount) and I keep it in my pocket. My cell goes in the other pocket. Ta da! I do own a tote bag that I use to carry my instrument and music books in but is only used once a week, carried from the car to the building and back again. I could just as easily carry it my hands, but I have an awesome Jack Skellington bag I got at Disneyworld and needed an excuse to use it.


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