Friday, January 29, 2010

Going West

I'm so glad I accidentally found this clip today, which features one of my favourite books of all time, Going West by Maurice Gee.

I first read this book as a teenager, living in West Auckland (where parts of the book are based). The darkness of the story was somehow lost on me until I read it over and over again as an adult. The fact it's set in West Auckland (where I grew up and lived as a child) and in Wellington (where I live as an adult) thrills me as familiar streets and walkways are named and described. I can picture each address, visually tour every winding Wellington street and steep, steep stairway. The darkness of humanity described is deep and heavily layered. The characters allow themselves to be transparent in their brokenness, but the truly disturbing unsettling depths of their iniquity is kept hidden and cloaked.

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